Month: April 2014

One of the First Graduates of IMS Returns for a Seminar

Professor Sanjeeva Murthy from Rutgers University, the Polymer Program Seminar speaker on March 28th, is an alum of the program and IMS. He earned his Ph.D. in Materials Science in 1976 under Jim Knox (MCB), one of the founding members of the Polymer Program, who retired in 2002. Sanjeeva Murthy was one of the first graduates of IMS. Jim Knox was able to show off the champagne bottle from Sanjeeva’s Ph.D. defense celebration, although he later admitted that Sanjeeva had probably not taken a single sip from it!

During his lecture, Sanjeeva mentioned that, when he started his PhD studies here over 40 years ago in 1972, the IMS building was new, there was no Storrs Downtown or even the NCAA basketball bracket!

After his seminar Sanjeeva said, “‘I had a great time today.  It brought back all memories of years ago.  I also enjoyed my discussions with the new faculty. I hope to be in touch with some of them with whom I have common interest.  I thank you all for inviting me today.  Look forward to seeing you again.”