Financial Support

Unlike many of our peer programs, the Polymer Program supports incoming Ph.D. students for the first academic year on the program funds, allowing them to focus on core courses before taking on challenging research.

Nearly all full-time Ph.D. students in the program receive financial aid in the form of fellowships and graduate assistantships supported by the state, industry, and the federal government. Master’s degree students are usually not financially supported.

Graduate Assistantship

The Graduate Assistantship 9-month stipend for the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • $24,800.30 for students with a bachelor’s degree
  • $26,098.68 for students with a master’s degree

Summer – Most students receive additional funding during the summer, as much as $8,000


Graduate Assistantships receive full tuition waivers and highly subsidized health insurance.


Several fellowships are also available for exceptional students at recommendation of Polymer Faculty.

Prospective Students

The UConn Graduate School has 3 fellowships available to incoming students:

  • Jorgensen Fellowship (Ph.D. students)
  • Harriott Fellowship (Ph.D. students)
  • Crandall Fellowship (master’s students)

Current Students

  • Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship is a supplemental fellowship available from the graduate school
  • GAANN Fellowship is funded by the U.S. department of Education and issued by the Polymer Program to domestic students