The Polymer Program at the University of Connecticut provides a graduate education and research experience in polymer chemistry, physics, and engineering. Established in 1965, this interdisciplinary academic program has developed into one of the top training and graduate-level polymer research programs in the country. The Program has more than 300 graduates who now hold important positions in industry and academia all over the world.

In 1996, the Polymer Program developed a comprehensive strategic plan The Polymer Program: Beyond 2000 that details the goals and strategies to lead the Program into the next century and to retain its status as an international center of excellence in polymer education and research.

The Polymer Program’s seventeen faculty members are exceptional researchers with backgrounds in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, and biology. Among the most active at the University, Program faculty attract multi-millions per year in external grants that support graduate research and extensive industrial research partnerships.


Interdisciplinary by Design

The Polymer Program is approved as an interdisciplinary field of study by the Graduate School; this special status allows students and faculty to collaborate across departmental boundaries. Students are encouraged to take courses in subjects related to their interests, in whichever department they might be offered. Faculty members work together to explore special areas of research, such as nanomaterials, biomaterials, sensors, electronic and photonic polymers, polymers for energy generation and storage, coatings, nanocomposites, molecular simulations, DNA, structure and function of polymers, and polymer blends.