Polymer Physics (POLY 5351 or PHYS 5621) Modern concepts relating to glassy, rubbery and organized states of bulk polymers. Considers rubber elasticity, glass-to-rubber transitions, networks, elements of crystallization, blends and interfacial phenomena.

Polymer Properties (POLY 5352 or CHEG 5352)
Interrelationships between solid state structure, dynamics and mechanical properties of non-crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers. Considers polymer viscoelasticity, diffusion, failure mechanisms, and elementary polymer rheology.

Polymer Synthesis (POLY 5380 or CHEM 5380)
Chemistry of the formation of high polymers, including kinetics, mechanisms and stereochemistry of step growth and additional polymerization. Recent advances in polymer synthesis.

Polymer Physical Chemistry (POLY 5381 or CHEM 5381)
A molecular description of the fundamental physico-chemical aspects of polymer solutions and solids. Considers thermodynamics, statistics, dynamics and structure of polymer molecules.

Polymer Characterization I (POLY 5382 or CHEM 5382)
Experimental techniques for characterizing polymers on a molecular level, with emphasis on the provision of a working knowledge of instrumental analysis. Experiments include dilute solution viscosity, vapor phase osmometry, gel permeation chromatography, chemical and spectroscopic analysis.

Polymer Characterization II (POLY 5384 or CHEM 5384)
Experimental techniques for characterizing polymers, with emphasis on provision of a working knowledge of instrumental analysis. Experiments include calorimetry, IR and fluorescence spectroscopy and X-ray structure determination.

Seminar in Polymer Science (POLY 6001) Presentations by invited guest speakers on topics of current interest in various areas of Polymer Science and Engineering.

Auxiliary Courses:

  • Adhesion (CHEG 5356)
  • Biopolymers (POLY 5395 or CHEG 5395) Thermodynamics and kinetics of biopolymers (carbohydrates, proteins, DNA/RNA, lipids/biomembranes). Properties, applications, and connections to current research.
  • Composite Materials (CHEG 5358)
  • Electrical Properties of Polymers (PHYS 5363)
  • Microscopy and Polymer Morphology (CHEM 5386)
  • Polymer Rheology (POLY 5367 or CHEG 5367)
  • Polymer Structure and Morphology (CHEG 5355)
  • Reactions of Polymers (CHEM 5385)
  • Rheology and Processing Laboratory (CHEG 5368)
  • Special Topics (CHEM 5394,CHEG-5395) – Nanomaterials, Polymerization in Life Systems, Photonics, Polymer Spectroscopy, Degradation and Stabilization
  • Statistical and Numerical Methods for Experimentalists (CHEG 5320)
  • Structure & Function of Biological Macromolecules (MCB 5313)
  • Surfaces and Interfacial Properties of Polymers (CHEG 5357)
  • X-ray Structure Analysis (MCB 5315)