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Sotzing Group - Small - August 2021

Sotzing Research Group with
the EIRC Center (Prof. Yang Cao)
"All-Organic Flexible Ferroelectret
Nanogenerator with Fabric-Based
Electrodes for Self-Powered Body
Area Networks" Small, August 2021

Nieh Research Group - Polymer Physics - February 2017

Nieh Research Group
"The role of TEOSā€TIP within a
pentablock ionomer: Morphology,
physical properties, and ion transport"
Polymer Physics, February 2017

Sotzing Group - Advanced Materials - May 2020

Sotzing Research Group
"Molecular Engineering: Flexible
Temperature-Invariant Polymer
Dielectrics with Large Bandgap"
Advanced Materials, May 2020

Nieh Research Group - Nanoscale - 2019

Nieh Research Group
"A universal discoidal nanoplatform
for the intracellular delivery of PNAs"
Nanoscale, 2019

Sotzing Group - Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Sotzing Research Group
"Materials for Optical, Magnetic,
and Electronic Devices"
Journal of Materials Chemistry C
May 2020

Lin Research Group - Nature Chemistry - 2017

Lin Research Group
"Expression of Cellulolytic
Enzyme as a Fusion Protein
That Reacts Specifically With
a Polymeric Scaffold"
Nature Chemistry, 2017

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