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Welcome to the IMS Polymer Program

Polymer Program Events
IMS Polymer Program Fall 2023 Seminar Series
IMS Polymer Program Fall 2023 Seminar Series
First year Polymer Program Students Vishwa Suthar and Hoang-Phuc Pham

Polymer Program Welcomes
2023/2024 First Year Students

Dr. Xueju "Sophie" Wang

Wang Receives ONR 2024
Young Investigator Award

Zaili Hou

Zaili Hou Completes
His Polymer Ph.D.

Xiangyi Xi Wins Stephanie H. Shaw Award

Chung-Hao Liu Completes
his Polymer Ph.D.

Dr. Xeuju Wang Research Group

Wang Group Research - Soft Robotics


Dr. Luyi Sun Research Group

Sun Research Group - Flame Retardant Coatings

Dr. Gregory Sotzing Research Group

Sotzing Research Group - Conductive Polymers

Dr. Douglas Adamson Research Group

Adamson Research Group - Bursting of Graphene-Coated Bubbles