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Welcome to the IMS Polymer Program

Polymer Program Events
IMS Polymer Program and MSE Joint Poster Session 2024
Jeff McCutcheon (l), Yasmin Bimbatti (c), and Kelly Burke (r)

IMS Polymer Program
Honors Two Ph.D.

Dr. Jiuzhou Zhao

Tianjian Yang is 2024 Finalist
for Eastman Chemical
Student Award

Dr. Jiuzhou Zhao

Pragati Rout Wins Inaugural
Boehringer Ingelheim Fellowship

Dr. Jiuzhou Zhao

Charlotte Chen Receives
Grant from NSF Graduate
Research Fellowship Program

Polymer Program Students
Attend ACS 2024 Spring
Meeting in New Orleans

Dr. Xeuju Wang Research Group

Wang Group Research - Soft Robotics


Dr. Luyi Sun Research Group

Sun Research Group - Flame Retardant Coatings

Dr. Gregory Sotzing Research Group

Sotzing Research Group - Conductive Polymers

Dr. Douglas Adamson Research Group

Adamson Research Group - Bursting of Graphene-Coated Bubbles