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Welcome to the IMS Polymer Program

We're Moving

As of January 16, the Polymer Program and the Institute of Materials Science have moved all offices and labs to the new Science 1 Building.  The new high-tech building provides an extensive array of research, teaching, administrative, service and special use spaces, including a cleanroom and a range of analytic functions that will serve as the core for subsequent development. The building has been conceived around repetitive prototypical laboratory modules, for both experimental and computational research, that are both flexible and interchangeable. In addition to cutting edge laboratories, the building also includes open spaces and open areas that help promote social connectivity and collaboration. The new home will launch the Polymer Program into a new era of cutting edge research.

Our new address:
25 King Hill Rd, unit 3136
Storrs, CT 06269-3136

Polymer Program Events
IMS Polymer Program Fall 2022 Webinar Series
IMS Polymer Program Spring 2023 Seminar Series


Graduate Student Appreciation Week

Movie Night – April 4

IMS Celebrates Graduate Students - Movie Night

Coffee Hour – April 5

IMS Celebrates Graduate Students - Coffee Hour

Board Games – April 6

IMS Celebrates Graduate Students - Games

Trivia Contest – April 7

IMS Celebrates Graduate Students - Trivia Contest
Xueju "Sophie" Wang

Professor Wang Receives the
NIH Trailblazer Award

Dr. Richard Parnas

A Conversation with
Richard Parnas

3D Printed Parts

Ma Named UTC Professor
in Engineering Innovation

Identifying Promising Polymer Membranes

Using Machine Learning to Identify Promising Polymer Membranes

Dr. Xeuju Wang Research Group

Wang Group Research - Soft Robotics


Dr. Luyi Sun Research Group

Sun Research Group - Flame Retardant Coatings

Dr. Gregory Sotzing Research Group

Sotzing Research Group - Conductive Polymers

Dr. Douglas Adamson Research Group

Adamson Research Group - Bursting of Graphene-Coated Bubbles